My First Year

My First Year

As your local qualified photograpger, we have been inviting new parents to join us for over 27 years! It is an exclusive yearlong photography project, that captures your baby at 3 special stages in their early life:

4-5 Months – When they are able to support their own head weight, and push themselves up when on their tummies!

7-8 Months – When they are now able to sit up unaided or just starting that “Commando Crawling” stage where life is never quite the same again!

10-12 Months – When they are now standing up; even if its having to hold onto something for support!

By the time you get to your baby’s 1st Birthday, you will realise your baby has become a toddler, and you might have almost forgotten just how little they were when you first came into us – And this is why babys 1st year photography  is our most popular sessions at our studio.

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